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022  Steve Stewart | This Vinyl-Loving DJ Also Happens To Be a Veteran Podcaster

Steve Stewart is a man of many talents, and in this conversation we cover conferences, favorite vinyl tracks, breakdancing and, oh yeah, podcasting!

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021 Jordan Agolli | How Karate Provided His Preparation Mindset

In this Jordan Agolli interview, we meet the dynamic host of the Teenage Entrepreneur podcast. At age 20, he’s already run a successful 20-person business, and is now working on several big ideas.

Show Highlights

  • 04:15 - – The preparation mindset Karate gives you
  • 09:45 - – The breakdown of the tournament
  • 13:15 - – The importance of surrounding yourself with better talent
  • 17:50 - – Jordan’s intro into podcasting
  • 19:40 - – Jordan’s first business at 14
  • 23:45 - – A business branding session
  • 27:15 - – The start of the Teenage Entrepreneur Podcast
  • 31:30 - – The birth of the Creative Rebellion mastermind
  • 38:30 - – The importance of face to face call
  • 46:45 - – Tips for connecting with your guest
  • 52:15 - – Is quality better than quantity?

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020 Brandy Shea | The Quality Thrives Campaign Inspires Brandy Shea Daily

Every once in a while you have such an inspiring conversation, it motivates you to do all you can to help the cause. Brandy Shea and Bryndan Thomas are traveling the USA for the next 2 years in search of 250 of the most compelling and inspirational entrepreneur stories. This is the story of the Quality Thrives campaign.

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 019 Vernon Foster II | Realize That You Have Your Fans Listening

Following up on all the connections made and renewed after Podcast Movement, I’m back from the too-long hiatus with the host of the Event Supremacy podcast, the man himself, Mr. Vernon Foster II. In this Vernon Foster II Interview, we break it down and even drop some podcasting rhymes. You’ve been warned.

Show Highlights

  • 05:45 - Vernon’s background in live events & DJing
  • 12:45 - The origins of FinCon
  • 15:00 - Where are the Ah-Ha moments during the show?
  • 16:00 - The importance of ACT
  • 17:30 - Lead with the community’s ideas
  • 20:15 - The origins of Vernon’s podcast history
  • 26:15 - The OG podcasters talk podfading
  • 27:30 - Going back to the early episodes
  • 33:00 - Realize that you have your fans listening
  • 38:45 - The importance of being authentic both on and off the air
  • 44:00 - The new direction of Event Supremacy
  • 49:45 - It’s hard out here for a podcaster
  • 51:00 - What else is in the works for Vernon?

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